2146 County Road 330, Jackson, Missouri     (573) 243-5501        (C) 2012-2017 Meier Horse Shoe Pines
Thank you for stopping by!
We always look forward to adding more friends to our "family" at
Meier Horse Shoe Pines.
You all come see us.
Meier Horse Shoe Pines is a family owned and operated Christmas Tree farm located on the outskirts of Jackson in
southeast Missouri.  Owners, Steve and Teresa Meier, raised their three sons, Adam, Ben, and Charlie, while growing the
trees and farm into what Horse Shoe Pines is today, a destination of Christmas traditions and memories for many families.
We can’t forget to thank all of our
extended family and friends for all the
help in making Horse Shoe Pines a
special place, we could not do it
without you all!  

Growing trees can be hard work. So
why do we do what we do?  We
believe Christmas is a time for
family.  Here at Meier Horse Shoe
Pines we feel there is no better way
to be part of your family then to grow
your Christmas tree!   

2146 County Road 330
Jackson, Missouri 63755
(573) 243-5501
Our family has expanded to include
Daughters-In-laws Shelly (Ben) and Kristyna
(Adam) and Charlie’s girlfriend Kelsie.  They
are better than any elves!  Always pitching in
to help in the Christmas Shop and
decorating wreaths and all the other projects
that pop up!  The third generation is growing
and going strong, Emelia (Eme) (Adam &
Kristyna’s daughter) and Madelyn (Ben and
Shelly’s daughter) are special helpers for
their Grammy and PaPa, and we are all
excited to welcome Adam and Kristyna’s 2nd
daughter, due in November!  Christmas is
more exciting every year!